Monday, January 28, 2013

Free to Be

I can handle all consequences
Ive got to know the Truth
Ive got to follow my senses
I need only a little proof

Suffer only in desire
Devoid of the fire
Ambiguity be gone
Off with the head of a liar

I fall into the dark
In order to find the light
I bathe in a sea of mystery
To find all the pieces of me

Blend experience with feeling
Ignore mind’s need to be heard
Wisdom my best friend
Im guided at every turn

What called my name
Into the nothingness I see
A paradox of space
I am free to be

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I try to write about love and I am left render less as it can not be captured. Can't be described. My fingers cant move fast enough to type it. The pen stops working and the pencil breaks each time I attempt to capture the timeless. I am left with only a feeling. Freedom. Yes. Peace. Definitely. Joy. Certainly. And yet I can’t define it, identify it or place it in a display to be examined. It is beyond the current paradigm, can be tasted in silence, but one must outgrow this paradigm in order to truly experience it of that I am assured.

It can’t be said that it will be easy to change everything you thought you knew about how things are. Which is why most choose to stagnate over growing. Choose to embrace what we can see with the eye over our intuition because it has a foundation. It takes work to walk away from your beliefs and conditioning. It means sacrificing comfort and security. It goes against our deeply ingrained instincts of survival and yet there it is, something more, and we can feel it.

There is an understanding that there must more to all of this than what meets the eye. We dream at night, experience déjà vu and have “feelings” about someone right before they call us. We can feel the wind on our face even though it is invisible. There is so much about the Universe that we don’t understand and yet we are here, living in the perfect environment for life to be sustained. A miracle in itself.

I almost missed it. I have been allowing reality to take precedence over my own true nature. I have been consumed with consumerism and lost in noise but somehow I still knew it wasn’t the whole picture. I needed to know the Truth. When I slowed down from the go go, do do energy field of our current model, to a much calmer, poised pace I could taste it. The more I can taste it the more faith I have in it. The more faith I have in it, the more Love can move through and expand.

I love the sound of crackling in my head, like rice crispies meeting milk, as I am being stretched and expanded in awareness. I can feel God reaching his hands through me and gently pushing me out of limited thinking. I can hear the roar, the fierce harmony playing as background sound growing louder. I surrender over and over again to this presence. A continuous flow of joy guiding each movement.

This is love. An experience. A verb. A way of living. A reason to celebrate. When I finally saw this I knew I could confidently take my hands off of the steering wheel, seeing clearly that I was never driving anyways and get the heck out of it's way. Love is fierce and it is what you are and have always been! This is all we need!

May you love more in 2013!! Many blessings to you and yours!