Monday, October 24, 2016

Heart Vote 2016: Our Revolution

History is a story of revolutions. What will this one be called? The Digital Revolution? The Conscious Revolution? I don’t know its name but I know it has begun. People are more awake than ever. The curtain was yanked open and the wizard of USA has been spotted. People aren’t asleep to the lies, the manipulation, or the corruptness that existed on this planet for far too long. A revolution is happening and even if you don’t understand it completely remember all those revolutions in the history books, they started with real, live, confused characters, like you and me. It ends well for us, because despite our confusion, we took a stand, used our voices, our means and our resources to work for a dream that works for everyone.

We can all feel the pull of it but don’t know with whom to stand with or where to stand. Our elders didn’t tell us anything about this time and most of our peers have no idea what we’re trying to accomplish. There’s no road map for us. No laid out plan for how to shift this coming election to favor the people. Families. Communities. But we know it is possible. We believe. We have faith. We trust. That our people matter, the earth and Her resources are sacred and that love is the most powerful energy to exist.

Everyone’s asking questions like how did we get here? Some are wanting to go back. So many are staying in their comfort zones afraid to take a stand. Afraid of being heard and being seen and yet on the inside dying for it. But we are here, there’s no going back and our comfort zones are about to be ripped away from us if we continue feeding a system that does not support the best interests of its people. So we must step into our greatest desire and face our greatest fear by taking a stand. Standing anywhere we can. With our presence, our voice, our silence, our dollar, our vote, our signature, and most importantly with each other.

It was the agricultural, industrial and cultural revolutions, it was the Civil Revolutionary War, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Paris Commune. It was groups of people standing up to the powers that were, seeking a new form of happiness, a new way of living. It was out of line. Against the grain. Those participating were called rebels as if it was a bad thing to want something other than, to dream something new. But they stood anyways. They rallied with their peers. They came together and they fought like hell for what they knew they deserved. Even discovered a “New World” and made it a reality. However confused they were, they did it. They broke free from tyranny. Together.

This is our time to take a stand. To get out of our comfort zones and use whatever means we have to do things differently for the good of the whole. In whatever way you deem necessary because this is a time of being in the heart and moving from there and what is in your heart may be different than mine and that’s what we need. Diversity. The more love, the more heart we move with, the more beauty we witness. The more array of colors, shades and backgrounds, the more beautiful the image we can create.

It’s time to create the world we want to live in. A world that reflects our values, our ethics, and moral compasses and not those of a few. A world that works for us, those living working, breathing and existing within in it. All of us. Because we are all here together. Now. Living. I invite us to live in harmony. To find unity in every way. Allow inclusion to be your governance and give more of yourself than you ever have to those around you. Be kind. Be gentle with one another and hold each other close.

And on November 8, 2016, if not before, please do take a stand. Stand with your vote. Stand with the majority of people who do not support the current “electable” candidates. Don’t vote for them based on previous logic of “throwaway” votes or votes “not mattering” or voting “the lesser of two evils.” Or any other fear tactic presented to your logic based on traditions to scare you away from voting with your heart.

Vote whomever you choose. Write a vote in. Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, or Justin Timberlake. Just don’t waste your vote. Don’t make a fear based vote. Vote with integrity. Use your voice right now, because even if it’s not listened to, you will be heard. And the more that we are heard, the more they have to listen. And the more they listen, the more we get what we know we deserve. We agree to a system only with our silence about its methods. And for those that don’t vote or don’t think your vote counts, and it might not, have the courage to step up and vote anyway to spite those that would tell you not to.This time it could make the difference.

This is a heart vote. A self-love vote. A vote for what truly matters. We need you! We need the unique expression your heart has for the whole. Express yourself by showing up and allowing the world to hear us. They are listening. They are dependent on what we do. Us. Not them. We are that powerful. We can shift the world. We can if we choose to.

Choose love. Be a part of this revolution. Listen to your heart and be the change you wish to see. Not what everyone else wants you to do but vote for the candidate that resonates most with your truth. Let your means to influence this change to be a reflection of who you really are. Love. Peace. Truth. And then Let it Be.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Play time is divine time

My inner child is ecstatic! I played so hard over the last couple of months and in particularly the last week at Burning Man, my favorite adult playground! Play is so essential to our well-being. My body’s soreness today a reminder of the hardcore dancing, climbing, bike riding across the playa every day that took me to my depths physically. A reminder of the exploring, adventures and back to back dance parties with my tribe that it endured. Every day was an ecstatic opportunity to let her out to play, do things that bring me joy, laugh, cry, connect and be as silly as possible.

I am blessed to know Burning Man as my home. A place my heart has always known and is happy to return to each year. A place where freedom rings loud and clear. Where each person's uniqueness shines through and each soul reflects back your own unique beauty through their eyes. Their highest self revealed by the last day so completely that you can see illuminated beings everywhere, making everyone appear beautiful.

It is a time when you can burn away that which no longer serves you. Burn through any negative patterns, programs, or beliefs that are holding you back. A week to look at yourself in the most beautiful ways through art, experience and connection. It is a place to celebrate all that is right with humanity and the world we live in. It brings me to the heights of awe at what humans are capable of even when money isn’t the motivating factor.

People spend not only their time, money and resources to go to the desert, be covered in dust, and go through all that it takes to prepare for such an experience but they also create the most extravagant costumes, art, moving art cars, and camps for you to experience, and then burn it down! Lessons of impermanence run deep.

It is a 24 hour city that never sleeps, ever! From the hip hop camp next to us this year that never stopped with their playlists, to our own camp that played house music non-stop the whole burn, the vibrations and the pulsating energy is always present.

I am so free to be me there. I can dance how I want to dance, laugh obnoxiously, talk loudly and it’s accepted! People say hello when they see you or tell you they love you. Sometimes total strangers will give you the most beautiful gifts, like jewelry and others the lessons or words we needed. The playa always provides exactly what is needed. Whatever you want it’s there.

Trying to explain to someone that you followed behind a 2 story Octopus art car made out of junk metal parts of all kinds that was rolling through the playa shooting fire out of it’s moving tentacles, it’s fireball eyes and bumping loud house music, while crying in disbelief is no easy task and often people look at you like your nuts. You can’t really explain the hilarity that exists only there. The quirky and awkward moments of gazing into the eyes of another wandering soul dressed in a penis costume.

Life is peculiar. It’s in interesting. If you let it be. If you step out of your comfort zone and meet people where they truly occupy space, you can witness, connect, and enjoy people and your life more. Let it surprise you, wow you, take over your senses and consume your efforts to control what happens to and around you. Life is so magical, mysterious, and more amazing to me having gone there and experienced the richness of Black Rock City and what it has to offer.  

This burn and what it opened up in me was so special. There were several firsts for me which is so invited at this point in my life. I manifested almost everything that I wanted and more that I hadn’t even considered. I broke through old barriers, did things in new and empowering ways, and got see some of the most beautiful parts of myself shine through when I would have ran away in the past before seeing.

Thank you Burning Man, Black Rock City, the 60,000+ people who showed up, the tribe, the friends, the camp and the playa for being everything my soul needed. Thank you Leslie, my sister that encouraged me to go, was so solid and graceful throughout, and made the adventure something I could never forget. 

I will always value this journey and all that it was.