Monday, December 17, 2012

A Rebel Indeed

A rebel
With an important cause
Rising up standing up
Against unjust laws

That favor those with money
Who control it and think its funny
To take away our homes
Because they like playing with phunny money

Greedy, snake like back stabbers
Fake it til they make it; getting farther
Than a hard working single mother
Who only wants to raise her own daughter

Living addicted to fear
Instead of looking at the man in the mirror
Watching the tv intently as they
Raise the level of terror

The news is how they loop you
Raise your anxiety
Fool you; dupe you
A dumbed down society

God lovers gotta wonder
What's in store for them
When they don’t help another
Looking down on fellow men

Treat them instead as brothers
Like Jesus provide for others
Share the deposits made
In illegal accounts over foreign waters

Remember were in it together
There is no way it can get better
Until we learn to love Truth and peace
Only then, on a new life will we take lease

Moving Forward

Moving forward swiftly
Like a river over boulders
Gently smoothing the terrain as I go

Along the way
To play makes everything ok
To swim, to swing;
makes for a fantastic day

To frolic in frenzy
Allows my friends to see
Delight in my eyes
So full of surprise

To move in flow as you go
Getting out of the way
Letting go. Surrender.
Is the order of the day.

Free falling with no clinging
Can make ones head spin
But then again at the end
This is what it means to live

The Now

Falling awake as I rise
Ascending, my right
To move up and down
Along the rod of golden light

Freely between worlds
I go and I choose
To move as I do
Between the old and the new

We are weighed down
Made into clay
So we stay to make play
in someone else’s game

I am not a slave
Do as they say
I go my own way
Choose to play all day as I may

Lighter and brighter
We can become
Dance and laugh
In the name of Love

Let go
Embrace your inner power
To flower, be showered,
Empowered by The Now

Monday, December 3, 2012

Falling in Love

When I was little, I always wondered why they call it “falling in love.” It seemed one would land in love or be in love. Falling seemed to be negative in context like falling down and hurting yourself to me. I wanted something more tangible not in flex. Something I could hold on to and never let go of.

As I have had more experiences I find the feeling of falling in love to be more comforting. I have welcomed it into my experience more willingly as time goes on. Its exhilarating and somehow I want to hold on to the feeling of falling as if such thing was possible. But what is it that is so alluring about this state? Why do people love falling in love?

A lack of resistance. Free falling into freedom. Its as if suddenly the problems of the day before suddenly disappear. There seems to be nothing in the way of you and your dreams. A sense of having it all settles in, it feels so lovely and surreal. The feeling of free falling seems to be the thing that we all want. The honeymoon period we experience with new relationships when every little thing the other one does is the cutest thing you have ever seen. Endearing somehow despite its quirkiness.

But then the little me comes in and resists the same things I fell in love with and we fall out of love just as quickly as we fell in. How come all of those endearing qualities become the most annoying things within such a short amount of time? Why do the majority marriages fail? The feeling of falling is replaced with a thump by the hard ground you found beneath you. What determines the time in free fall status and what yanks us out of this bliss? How can we avoid losing this sense of freedom? Only some of the questions that have plagued my mind when it comes to Love.

In my discovery I found that it was because my ego still needed a job or to find a problem with my mate in order for its survival. Nothings changed but somehow I can spin the most amazing stories about why a relationship won’t work. I can find fault with every detail of the person. Because without resistance to what is the ego can not exist. It has to be resistant to what is. It has to find a problem to solve. So despite my great intentions for partnership and commitment, the survival mechanism in me takes over and finds every reason to put my Nikes on and go back into isolation. To move me away from the ecstasy of falling to the harshness of feeling alone again although I know deep down this is not true. How frustrating!

As I have moved away from the chokehold of the ego, understanding that it is not who I am, I keep finding more and more of this feeling of falling without needing another person. As the ego loses its power of influence over me, I can free fall in all aspects of life. I am not dependent on someone loving me or another to fill up some part of me in order for it to happen. It allows me more freedom to be joyful and to share this with another instead of seeking it from another.

This is what agape is. The outpouring of love without any sticky attachment or neediness. Giving without any expectation of receipt and it definitely feels like falling. I am finding more solace in living without resistance to what is and in that experiencing life in full motion, fully realized. The truth is we are free falling at all times. It’s the flow of life like a river always flows. It is our true nature and only in the grabbing onto something, do we find discomfort. It pulls us away from the flow of life and gets us stuck in mucky relationships and situations. 

We only need not resist which way it decides to move. Get out of the way so we can be moved into opportunities for growth and more peace within. Let go of any worries of the mind, but instead feel, embrace and nurture the relationships we are blessed with. That is where true love lives. 

Shakti Women

Shakti is power as a feminine force. Shakti women are human females who are feeling the call of the Dark Goddess. A deep inner will to live arousing from within the body of the planet. A demanding energy that will destroy the old paradigm and structures in order to make way for the new. This powerful, electrifying energy is pushing through us for inner healing and the realignment with our natural selves. She is sacred, she is alive and so are you!

Why do women feel this urge to bloom more than men? It is our biological instinct that links us to the Earth and the cycles of the moon. Our menstrual cycle is natures way of revealing this connection. We are the portals for new life. We are the nurtures, care-takers and vessels for healing. We are intuitive, emotional beings that carry in us hormones that allow us to feel connected to all aspects of life whether consciously or not.

Shakti women are electric and magnetic. As archetypes, they are depicted by the Femme Fatal. Seductresses who can destroy ego and create change in the world and for her people. We must channel this energy to purge the world of anything that is not in alignment with Universal love and peace. We must release habitual conditioning, negative images, patriarchal lies, and pollutants from our lives and imagine living in a harmonious way with others, more deeply connected to our instincts.

There seems to be a deep unconscious pull to remember our instincts. To experience the ecstasy of this ancient, sacred encounter with the forces of the universe coming through our bodies. PMS only resulting from a misunderstanding of this energy and its movements. The suffocation of our voices, the disempowerment of our emotions and the disconnection to our bodies has led to this “nice girl syndrome.". If we had full access to this power we may not go on being nice girls and cause a much needed revolution.

It is time that we respond to the global crisis facing life at this time. Our willingness to face the dark is the key to our own development. May we awaken the Divine Feminine energy within us all and join forces for the benefit of the greatest good.