Friday, May 24, 2019

Yes Women!

Yes women you get to be discriminatory. You get to set boundaries and only those that would be upset by them are the ones who need them the most. It's ok to put yourself first. It's ok to put your needs wants and desires ahead of everyone else. Women you get to discern what is best for you. You no longer have to take orders and serve a system that was designed to enslave you. You are beyond this world and have the power to change it!

It's cool to challenge the status quo and it's beautiful to stand up to bullies who would steer you into their echo chamber. It's wonderful to witness you when you call out bullshit and draw a line in the sand of what you will accept.

It's acceptable to not be perfect. To be flawed. To not be special in any way but the ways you feel make you so. Yes it's alright that you have preferences and express them. It's ok to not get it right. What you say, how you say it, and or the tone of voice in which you do is fucking fabulous, fuck the naysayers, do you boo!

You get to be big. You get to be bold, and creative, and colorful and gray. You get to be rain on a sunny day or the light of someones life. You get to slide down hills or climb mountain tops. To go as slow as you need to and rush only as often as you want to.

Women it is ok to question the current narrative, to demand a better one, or to write your own. It is brave to say no and not now and not ever if you so choose and it is equally brave to say you will. To give your all, to go all in, to give it everything you have if it has meaning. Pain and joy are yours to experience, to stretch you and expand your soul. Go boldly towards that which makes you laugh and cry at the same time and leaves you dancing under the stars with your bestie or making love in the sand.

Take time for you, your inner silence. Take time for the muse to unfold and weave a new dream. You are allowed to embody this experience as you are, never succumbing to the demands of others that you be other. Know who you are so no one can ever define you. Reach deeply within your own womb of wisdom and discern your own way forward. Never let them tell you no, or that you are too small or too emotional or too angry or too weak. You are a divine being meant to share your gifts with this world. Walk with your shoulders relaxed, exhale darling. You are Whoaman. A Creatress. A magical priestess with superpowers beyond our human understanding.