Monday, September 12, 2016

Play time is divine time

My inner child is ecstatic! I played so hard over the last couple of months and in particularly the last week at Burning Man, my favorite adult playground! Play is so essential to our well-being. My body’s soreness today a reminder of the hardcore dancing, climbing, bike riding across the playa every day that took me to my depths physically. A reminder of the exploring, adventures and back to back dance parties with my tribe that it endured. Every day was an ecstatic opportunity to let her out to play, do things that bring me joy, laugh, cry, connect and be as silly as possible.

I am blessed to know Burning Man as my home. A place my heart has always known and is happy to return to each year. A place where freedom rings loud and clear. Where each person's uniqueness shines through and each soul reflects back your own unique beauty through their eyes. Their highest self revealed by the last day so completely that you can see illuminated beings everywhere, making everyone appear beautiful.

It is a time when you can burn away that which no longer serves you. Burn through any negative patterns, programs, or beliefs that are holding you back. A week to look at yourself in the most beautiful ways through art, experience and connection. It is a place to celebrate all that is right with humanity and the world we live in. It brings me to the heights of awe at what humans are capable of even when money isn’t the motivating factor.

People spend not only their time, money and resources to go to the desert, be covered in dust, and go through all that it takes to prepare for such an experience but they also create the most extravagant costumes, art, moving art cars, and camps for you to experience, and then burn it down! Lessons of impermanence run deep.

It is a 24 hour city that never sleeps, ever! From the hip hop camp next to us this year that never stopped with their playlists, to our own camp that played house music non-stop the whole burn, the vibrations and the pulsating energy is always present.

I am so free to be me there. I can dance how I want to dance, laugh obnoxiously, talk loudly and it’s accepted! People say hello when they see you or tell you they love you. Sometimes total strangers will give you the most beautiful gifts, like jewelry and others the lessons or words we needed. The playa always provides exactly what is needed. Whatever you want it’s there.

Trying to explain to someone that you followed behind a 2 story Octopus art car made out of junk metal parts of all kinds that was rolling through the playa shooting fire out of it’s moving tentacles, it’s fireball eyes and bumping loud house music, while crying in disbelief is no easy task and often people look at you like your nuts. You can’t really explain the hilarity that exists only there. The quirky and awkward moments of gazing into the eyes of another wandering soul dressed in a penis costume.

Life is peculiar. It’s in interesting. If you let it be. If you step out of your comfort zone and meet people where they truly occupy space, you can witness, connect, and enjoy people and your life more. Let it surprise you, wow you, take over your senses and consume your efforts to control what happens to and around you. Life is so magical, mysterious, and more amazing to me having gone there and experienced the richness of Black Rock City and what it has to offer.  

This burn and what it opened up in me was so special. There were several firsts for me which is so invited at this point in my life. I manifested almost everything that I wanted and more that I hadn’t even considered. I broke through old barriers, did things in new and empowering ways, and got see some of the most beautiful parts of myself shine through when I would have ran away in the past before seeing.

Thank you Burning Man, Black Rock City, the 60,000+ people who showed up, the tribe, the friends, the camp and the playa for being everything my soul needed. Thank you Leslie, my sister that encouraged me to go, was so solid and graceful throughout, and made the adventure something I could never forget. 

I will always value this journey and all that it was.