Monday, February 25, 2013

The new

We all talk about doing it in a “new way" or inviting in "the new” but what does this all mean and is it even possible or are we patterned conditioned beings that just do things in a habitual way? How important is it really to venture out of our comfort zone? I wondered what things are waiting right under my nose for me to potentially discover, so I take the challenge and write to answer this on a full moon in Virgo. This is a day of shedding the old skin to make way for the new and I set out on a mission to live a day in a new way.

I began a lemon juice/cayenne pepper/maple syrup cleanse yesterday morning in preparation for detoxification. Never mind that I ate pizza with my boys and followed up with cookies my mother had baked earlier in the day. What was I thinking? So back on it this morning of new beginnings, attempting to spend the whole day doing new things, cleansing my body, and meeting new people.

I did begin the cleanse again this morning as planned proving that my intentions are good. I didn’t have my usual cup of coffee but instead made my lemonade and took a walk early in the day. I then decided to catch the bus and head downtown to find some new things. I instantly gravitated towards a coffee shop I have been to before in the cozy corner I have sat in before but instead I ordered tea and a vegan power muffin that I know is not part of the cleanse but just sounds well, delicious, and I was hungry! Oops, once again I have slipped into patterns but I can be proud that I made new decisions in the midst of it all and that was to have tea instead of the quad shot caramel mocha and non-vegan raspberry scone I so desperately wanted to have. And well, its nice, light and I didn’t feel anxious or jumpy afterwards which is lovely.

So now I am onto a vintage shop that I have never been to and I’m going to sit with a meditation group I have never gathered with and maybe some other wonderful new thing/place/person will appear before me along my journey. I open myself up to such an experience.

The journey is the destination and it can be whatever we choose. In each moment we get to choose to try things in new ways or in the same patterned way we have done them before. I think the important thing is simply to enjoy it. At times, invite in the new, at others, let the nostalgia of the old rock you to bliss but it seems today in the balance of doing both I personally have found the most joy as of yet.  I invite you to find new experiences by dedicating a day, a week or month to trying something very new to you or to simply enjoy the same choices with a renewed curiosity.

Many blessings to you on your journey and discovering new experiences!