Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reflections of Love

They say that everything we encounter in life is a mirror reflecting ourselves back to us. That what we see in another is what we inherently have within us. We notice someone is beautiful because we are beautiful the same as if we notice how inconsiderate someone is being, yes as hard as it can be to see at the time, we are somehow feeling inconsiderate in our own way. 

So as I sat last night and took in all that surrounded me, I realized, I am stunning. I am piercingly creative, painfully beautiful, and eloquently inspiring. I can know these things about myself because of the divine beings that invited me in, shared their gifts and willingly shined so that I could see these things within me. Love is here. In a big way. The love mob isn't just an organization heaven bent on love. It is who we are. It's you. It's family remembered and reunited. We are here and now. 

If you live in Los Angeles you can attend the upcoming event called "The Beat," an interactive musical jam session that will be on Thursday, August 15, at 7:00 downtown. Clear your calendar, grab your instrument, your voice, go, and prepare to be moved. Details at the link below. Your welcome!

If you haven't yet watched a video or checked out our facebook, twitter, youtube or instagram page please use the following links to do so and like or subscribe if you feel called. Each of us are all so very different, expressing the divine in our own unique ways but the one thing we all have in common is love. We all just want to be love, to give love, to receive love and we get to. Come home to yourself, to the light, and let your life be lived in love. It really feels so good. #lovesvoice #lovemob

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