Saturday, March 4, 2017

What if your wounds were serving your purpose?

Our sacred wounds are the entry points of discovery to our soul's purpose. They offer a powerful look into our inner most self, the soul, and the inherent truth that only it knows. Humans have spent so much time avoiding pain, numbing it with anything they can, and attaching to anything or anyone that brings comfort. We have collectively forgotten what it means to BE human, to actually feel, and to experience this thing called life, including what doesn't feel 'good.'  

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of our soul's existence. An abundant resource for our personal sou's journey and that of the collective. In acknowledging our sacred wounds, staying open to receiving healing, utilizing the Akashic records to discern the truth, and listening to our own soul's voice, we can begin to reveal our soul's purpose, and then begin to understand the purpose of the collective soul so it too can be healed. 

Pain is a fascinating part of the human experience. One that we are only just beginning to understand. Our wounds, the way the body stores negative energy when things are too painful, and their need to be witnessed in order to be transmuted are things we were not taught growing up. In modern times, we have been taught for the most part that, "we don't have time for that" when it comes to sorrow, grief, confusion, and sadness. Encouraged instead to get back to work quickly. 

We, as a collective, forgot how to grieve, how to process our deep emotions, and how to adequately integrate painful experiences into our lives. We have become less and less connected to the planet and earth based traditions that honored this part of life. In order to live according to an industrious society's demand, to meet the needs of others and work, we have had to put the difficulties we've experienced in our bodies, store them, keep ourselves from feeling them. Because allowing ourselves to feel it, could feel like the beginning of the end for us. Too much. But the truth is we are never given more than we can handle.

In freeing ourselves of stored emotions, of being ran by our wounds and the stories that serve them, we can rest in our natural state of peace. In accessing the parts within us that have not been resolved, we allow more of who we really are, our souls' perception of us, to be expressed. What is emptied out, must be filled back up by nature's law. So as one moves through their 'stuff' and opens up more space in the body, there is then room for more of one's real self. The pain is the only thing in the way from us experiencing wholeness, being in alignment with our soul, it's greatest intention for our life and enjoying it. 

The Akashic records contain all of life including our soul's purpose of being. They also contain our collective wisdom. In praying to Lords of the Akashic records, working with your helping spirits, the ascended masters, teachers and our loved ones, we can access this sacred wisdom and be enabled to share it with others. I call them downloads. Like a reading through an entire file cabinet of information, a 3000 page book, in 30 seconds. We can tap into a higher knowing, understand life, our soul's truest voice, and begin sharing that wisdom, channeling it and the wisdom of the collective, into the world. 

And this my loves, is the purpose of why we came to earth school. To know love. To get closer and closer to an understanding of one's self. What is love? In order, to know this we must know the opposite. The reason for duality, the purpose of this world. One can't truly know love until one knows pain. One can't truly understand forgiveness, compassion, empathy if one can not have it for oneself, in our bodies with all of our human imperfections.

We are limited by the five senses in our ability to experience all of ourselves, but we can get closer through this experience by inviting it all in. The 'good' and the 'bad', the rain and the sun, in the same way. No resistance. But instead by leaning in to experience what is, even allowing our sacred wounds to be opened, to be felt, and then to be willing to accept all consequences, to possibly become undone, to fall apart, to 'lose it', because in that, we are open to receive it. What is really for us! A new story that serves us and one that does not cause suffering.

We can try ignoring the trauma, denying the betrayal, deflecting the rejection, quieting the 'not good enough' story we hear. We can try self-helping our way out of it, 'fixing' ourselves because there is something 'wrong', trying to overcome our 'issues'. Or we can accept what is, look at the resistance, the story that is keeping us from having what we know deep down we deserve, feel whatever comes up, and explore it as an opportunity to learn, grow and embrace a new way that brings joy, happiness, peace of mind, and love. This is our birthright. This is why we are here. You are a soul having a human experience, it's time to remember that and act accordingly.

We are in the middle of healing 'big' collective pains. Slavery, genocide, discrimination, warfare, abuse of all kinds, trauma, incarceration, our own Mother who's been ignored and polluted and Her pain. We are in the midst of removing toxicity from the planet. This is occurring because people began removing it from themselves. Avatars, light workers, starseeds, earth and star tribe beings that have been changing their DNA by eliminating toxic situations, people, foods, chemicals, and stored emotions from their lives. They have been accessing higher consciousness, disciplined in daily practice to stay grounded and centered, working with healers, and working in the Akashic records to understand the soul and to anchor heaven on Earth. 

I send all my love, support, and positive uplifting energy to you as we do this big work! Your soul is magnificent and glorious, keep shining your light, extending your kindness, and offering forgiveness as it is needed, for ourselves and others. We are spiritual warriors shifting the energy of the collective and I am proud of the way we are showing up! So blessed are these times, so blessed are WE!


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