Wednesday, January 13, 2021

You are Sovereign

When what we see with our eyes does not match up to our inner knowing it can be very disorienting and confusing. This state, bewildering, and floundering so it seems, is the magic of those that come before the time. I have said for many years that I am ahead of the time but trying to convince my mind of that truth in difficult times isn't easy. Knowing and allowing are too different things. These last few months have shown me that the need to stay ahead of the curve, to have insight or intel to confirm what my heart already knows, is only the minds need to be in control of the narrative.

Over and over I had to stop myself, breathe, reconnect to Source, drop the need to be aware of all that was occurring and remember Truth. Staying connected to Truth, that is only now becoming the reality for all has been mind blowingly hard with so much disinformation going around. Disengaging often, activated only by instinct and following my intuition as to when to respond was the work. 

I found myself mostly challenging others where Truth needed to be shared and seen but also noticing when there was an itch to continue beyond, to argue, making myself get off and go inside. Staying in practice with this has been getting easier I must say and shows me that the shift that many have seen coming has come and passed. 

The matrix collapsed, the game is over. Some may still see things as unneeded chaos or something to fear, most by now know that it is an older version of life that was needed to move people out of complacency and into a higher frequency. Allowing this all to unfold naturally was more challenging than expected but isn't it like that with most things?

Sovereignty is at the center of our new experience, where peace is and always was. I remember when I had been unplugged from the matrix, I had little to say, not even sure what had happened exactly until later on but I said almost immediately, "I am sovereign." It wasn't a word I had ever used before and wasn't even sure of its meaning. 

A woman who I had followed for years from India, a country very familiar with British rule used that word in a negative context as if it was to imply rule over others. I had to look up the word by definition and then go within to discover that indeed it meant, self ruled, self governed and according to the laws of God. I was no longer under the rule of any entity. Nothing had power over me. Not a man made law, not a person, especially not a government. 

Only recently I came to know natural law and it's origin and meaning. To be sovereign is to be in accordance with natural law. To be in harmony with Goddess given rights and free will. This was always on offer but the matrix and it's controllers had used language to create contracts through laws that turned over our free will to allow another to have rule over us. 

Living in the matrix, was meant to be controlled by others, agents for dark forces, whether they even realized what they were doing. I knew in my heart many moons ago that freedom was what I came here for and justice for all is what I served. Considered my whole life going to law school and finally one day I said, no, I won't do that because it doesn't' matter how much you know or how well you play, you are only a part of a system fighting in an unfamiliar arena against another I wouldn't want to give my energy to. This came from that sense of sovereignty knowing it was not only not needed but that it was a joke. 

However, when everything around you seems to be ruled by these contracts and laws, leases and ordinances, it can be difficult to see how this is possible. Self inquiry, questioning theses ideas, and asking for guidance from source, to know thyself as a free being is what makes it possible. 

We are Goddess's children, Her divine creation,. We are given free will to make choices and agreements for our self as it was intended. We only gave permission away through trickery. Agreeing to use certain words, follow along with beliefs that do not serve our freedom but lead to enslavement instead, are the ways in which darkness used free people to take what belonged to us. 

Free will is as simple as saying no I do not consent. I do not consent to being ruled over. I do not consent to give my power away to others. I do not consent to being a slave. I do not consent to give up my rights, my light or my energy to another. It is by simple declaration to say, all my needs are always met because they are by Source. To say with great inner strength, I am free and I consent to live according to God's plan for humanity. To live in accordance with all that was given to me to use as I choose was always the gift on offer.

We are free on planet Urth. We always have been. It wasn't about burning sage or lighting incense to appease a God but it was about agreeing to serve ourselves from the highest version of Truth. To no longer give that right to any one else but to stand in our glory as Love, as Truth, in justice as it is was intended. To fight for it by consciously eliminating words, actions, and behaviors that keep us entangled energetically with ideas, structures, and beliefs that aren't for us. Ending the energetic leaks of our life force to entities that demanded and accepted it, we just weren't aware that was happening for most of our lives. Believing a priest, a guru, a life coach or someone else could give that to us was the mistake.

To claim our sovereignty was the only thing left for beings to do. To own ourselves. To give back the deeds over our lives, our planet and each other to the one and only Source of creation. To put peace first and foremost as not only an experience one hopes for but as a birthright we were granted by Her Love. Releasing the shadow dynamics, relaxing into this knowing, and trusting our innate wisdom was always possible and what they kept us in fear of. Kept us working hard to avoid. Gratitude for life and all we are given was the key that unlocked infinite abundance and possibilities for Gaia and humanity.

Trusting ourselves, taking back our rites, and breathing it into every cell of our being granted this gift to all. In silence, in prayer, in choice we made it so. And so it is. Blessed are we! Blessed is all of life.


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