Thursday, June 1, 2017

Integrating the Human Experience

As the money rained down over me, laser lights shooting through in multiple colors, with scantily dressed beautiful women all around me dancing, and a song playing that everyone knew, I leaned my head back and thought if this isn't Lakshmi energy, I don't know what is. I was in the middle of Drai's nightclub in Las Vegas at a table with more millionaires than not, the last place I think anyone would think of as being in alignment with Goddess, and yet there she was right there in sin city, with me, in a sexy nightclub, in the middle of the night, teaching me, about true abundant living.

I've spent most of my adult life separating the different parts of myself. I am a Gemini rising and so as I mature, I experience myself as almost two totally different people. I have long been dubbed the "Urban Hippie," as I easily move between hip hop nightclubs and kirtan festivals. I've always considered them separate, compartmentalized as in being in contrast or conflict with one another. Although I guess I can say that I always knew they weren't, I definitely did not saw them as the same movement as clearly as I do as I write this. 

It's fascinated me how I could dance between such seemingly different ways of living with such ease given the nature of my spiritual path. I remember when I began bartending in Las Vegas many years ago, it felt like I wasn't following the path that spirit had intended for me. I kept asking source to use me to make me thy vessel, to allow me be the mouthpiece for the divine and yet I kept ending up in another bartending job without understanding until after a few experiences with guests that began to see that I was being used and in a much more profound way than I had previously understood.

I was incognito. I caught people off guard. They didn't expect some bartender in Las Vegas to drop wisdom on them, they were open and then they would leave implanted with seeds of awakening and go back to where they lived in another city, in another country, and I realized I was indeed being used. In a big way, as a hub, to spread the message of love, to wake up people and to celebrate with them when they were finally activated. I was just busy being in judgement of the position that I was in that I almost missed the beauty of the work that I was actually doing there beyond shaking cocktails. 

I saw then that we don't always get to know the how we just need to know the what and then allow whatever comes come without judgement. So before arriving this time in Las Vegas to work and play I set some intentions to attract more abundance. Invoked Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Good fortune. I asked to experience abundance in a new form. To breakthrough old resistance to receiving money and allow myself to become a magnet for it

So when I laid my head back and watched the storm of money coming down upon me and saw the beauty that was all around me, I saw Her. I saw my intention be manifested before my eyes. I felt the raw power of Her rain upon and in and through me, so that I too began to overflow. And all of this was because of Her grace. I realized my own oneness with all of the energy. I fully became this energy, no longer in duality, experiencing myself totally in love with the moment. 

In a nightclub, in nature, while having sex, while mopping the floor, while drinking a cocktail, while taking your kids to school, there it is, life happening. The Goddess flowing. The infinite nature of evolution requesting a chance to experience it all. And so I will continue channeling Her divinity wherever I am and have as many experiences as She brings me, and I will love them all, as they are, for what they are because they simply are. To decide what is good or spiritual and what is not isn't necessary. It's all good and it's all spirit!

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