Monday, December 17, 2012

A Rebel Indeed

A rebel
With an important cause
Rising up standing up
Against unjust laws

That favor those with money
Who control it and think its funny
To take away our homes
Because they like playing with phunny money

Greedy, snake like back stabbers
Fake it til they make it; getting farther
Than a hard working single mother
Who only wants to raise her own daughter

Living addicted to fear
Instead of looking at the man in the mirror
Watching the tv intently as they
Raise the level of terror

The news is how they loop you
Raise your anxiety
Fool you; dupe you
A dumbed down society

God lovers gotta wonder
What's in store for them
When they don’t help another
Looking down on fellow men

Treat them instead as brothers
Like Jesus provide for others
Share the deposits made
In illegal accounts over foreign waters

Remember were in it together
There is no way it can get better
Until we learn to love Truth and peace
Only then, on a new life will we take lease

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