Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Travel as a Lifestyle

Beginning in spring, I found myself on a continuing journey that seemed to have no landing place. My attempts to stay in one place failed me and there was always an invite to some new opportunity, gathering or event to take me to the next place. I set an intention many months ago to travel as a lifestyle. I want to permanently be on vacation. I want to do what I want, when I want, with who I want, as much as I want without limits. To be a free range human being, to thoroughly enjoy this life I have been given, in my way.

To be able to trust myself enough to follow through on this dream despite nagging doubts, has been challenging. Coming up against old stories about the way it should be. At times, reverting to an old world style of believing, that I must be crazy or making some mistake to not be aligning with a more reasonable approach to living. It has been difficult to face the judgement of those that could not understand my path, that would shame me for being me. And yet somehow I am managing this new lifestyle. I am learning, growing, and being stretched into a more authentic expression of myself at every turn. Creating a new world that is in alignment with my values and essence.

Freeing myself and my family from an outdated structure that hasn't served us is the breath of fresh air that I have been desiring my whole life. To experience ease and enjoyment more often than not is for me, the pinnacle of living. I was raised with the work your ass off mentality if you want to be successful, however the harder I worked, the less I accomplished. For me, it has been about slowing down, doing less. Taking more time in between things, to rest, to contemplate, to process. It's been about finding my own time, rhythms and cycles and honoring them. Respecting them. Refusing to honor another's more than mine and standing for my truth.

Having a home base is a part of this journey for me as coming 'home' is the best feeling ever! A place to ground down and find center.  A time of renewal and replenishing my energy. A feeling of comfort, surrounded by my favorite things. In having a home base, I give myself a place to rest my head and hold my soul while it nestles into the slower times. So I have chosen a little abode for our family to settle into to again find stillness while continuing to dream of the foreign lands and mystical journeys that await me.

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