Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall is my favorite.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It has taken me many years to realize this for myself even though many exciting things happen in the fall, including my birthday. Fall means a certain level of responsibility. The endless summer is over, school begins, new schedules arrive and things begin to feel more heavy. However, the changing of the colors, the crisp colder air, hot apple cider, and a sense of loving myself more is also present. The more I have learned to relax into it’s subtleties, it’s precious time to slow down, restore, reboot, and go within, the more I have fallen in love with it.

Fall always invites me in with open arms, a warm cup of coffee, cuddles me in a down blanket, and allows me to read a book in pleasant serenity. A certain solace seems to come with fall, an unwinding, an undoing of self. The first cool breaths of autumn winds blowing through leaves brings a refreshing reprieve from the heat of summer. It also is a time of shedding, letting go and going deeper within to make space for new things to begin. 

Fall offers a time to enjoy the harvest of what we tended to during spring and summer. An opportunity is offered to renew our bodies and minds. A place to hang our hats for a while, put up our feet and listen to leaves fall as nature perfectly reflects our process. But always after Her moment of full glory in her brightest reds, oranges and yellows before She releases what is no longer serving Her and is made leaner, stronger, for the tests of winter, and the newness of spring. 

To fall back, to slow down is a gift. To fall back in love with yourself, what you love and what you give love to. I resisted this process for most of my life. I always felt like slowing down was becoming lazy, and colder weather meant an unwanted break from my dearest Father Sun’s illuminating rays. I even moved to a much hotter Las Vegas climate to avoid “having to endure it.” I was overjoyed by the sunshine on my birthday that year, in late November, for the first time ever. 

Feeling like I was sleeping more than normal led me to reading up on energy supplements, realizing only a few years ago that that too was my own way of saying, “I don’t want to slow down and go within.” I see that my unwillingness to honor theses natural cycles of being, that were being played out mostly anyways despite my attempts to prevent them, were really my attempts at avoiding myself. 

Mother Nature is our greatest teacher if we pay attention. She clearly shows us our own nature. She gives us all the clues we need about how to live our own lives if we are listening and live in harmony with Her. Her seasons and the moons orbit, give us our greatest clues about the internal and external cycles we too experience. As women, we are given more detailed clues each month about the existence of these cycles.  

We are beings that are connected to a whole ecosystem of life that is bigger than our individuality and has an intelligence far beyond ours. Despite a culture that tells us to keep working at the same pace all year, we are better served when we recognize our own synchronicity with the genius that is life, the biological rhythms, of larger cycles and harmonize accordingly. 

When we choose to acknowledge these patterns, honor them, and live in harmony with them, everything we experience changes. We are participating in the progression of these cycles, we might as well experience them consciously to maximize their potency. Witnessing and participating in life in this way, we become flexible to the ebbs and flows, and gather in strength for the coming times.

Warm sweaters and soup, the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes, pumpkin patches, crisp apples, the smell of thanksgiving dinner and all things fall are welcomed treasures. I love all of it’s beauty including the colder weather and grayer days even more now knowing the closer I get to it, the closer I get to me. 

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